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We accept OC's and will take suggestions for fc's. Like a normal school, the college will have events and students will be expected to be talking about them. Of course, some are younger then others so some may not go. Acceptance date is July 9th, 2013

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Congratulations, Alison!

You have been accepted as Alison Kelly!

You know what to do, babe.~

School has officially started!

All characters are now in College. School related gif chats and para rps are now acceptable and appreciated! 

Of course the paras that are currently going on can still go on and be ended at some point but new feeds would be appreciated!!

Anonymous asked:
How active is this RP?

Pretty active. I’ve been emotional over ooc stuff but Kim, Lindsay, Ken and now our Nick have been really active.

Congratulations, Lara!

You have been accepted as the part of Nick Andopolis!

Just read through the rules and have your account in within 24 hours!

Anonymous asked:
Did you guys just give up on the franco opinion?

The Franco Opinion is a separate blog of me and my friends. I just linked this rpg with it to get more attention to the rpg. Don’t worry I’ll be going back on.

Anonymous asked:
How do you apply for a part?

You go into the third link on the page that says ‘Navi’, click it. Then go to either pre-created or oc form. Copy that, go back into the navigation, click submit. Fill out the form in there or I usually fill it out on a separate page like facebook or something and then submit your filled out form!

Congratulations, Hailey!

You have been accepted as Lindsay Weir.

I’m sorry this is so late but your app was amazing so I had to accept right away! Just read the rules and have your account in within 24 hours!

Thank you for applying!

Anonymous asked:
What has been going on so far with this rpg?

So far, we have a Kim, Daniel and Ken. I’m going to be working on making a promo blog to get this rpg more out there. There’s a para going on between Daniel and Kim and planning going on in the ooc blog. I’d really really love it if we got more apps and/or more attention so our dash can be more active and we can get this thing running. I have so many plans, haha.

Anonymous asked:
I wanna be in this

Okay! You most certainly can be, you just need to go into the ‘Navi’ and click for either the form of a character I have already written or a form of an fc you would like to use, fill it out and then submit it to me!